A happy office is a productive office, and so it's in the interest of a business to make sure the workforce feel good about being there and doing their job. If a job drags, then so does the pace and motivation of its workforce; but when the staff are invested in the work they're doing, the results speak for themselves. There are a few straightforward measures you can use to promote a great office culture - and a little effort goes further than you think, so get started today and you'll save money, maximise your time and also make your office a far more pleasant place to be.


First of all, look around you. Do your surroundings feel uninspiring? Bare walls and stark desks aren't most people's idea of chic decor, but a little customisation can make the office feel more welcoming. Everything from pot plants to framed photographs, artworks and mood lighting can make all the difference to people's inclination to stick around.


Also, think about the physical limitations of sitting behind a desk all day. Our ancestors gleefully swung from trees all day long, and yet here we are cooped up behind a desk. To minimise the damage done, we need to make sure our bodies are well looked after. Sitting in a comfortable, supportive posture is vital and an increasing number favour the standing desk, though this may not be to everyone's taste. See that colleagues get regular breaks, and if possible why not suggest optional group exercise, such as an office sports team? It makes staying in shape more fun and will help the workers bond, and get them thinking in terms of team spirit.


Remember the old adage that no one is an island. A little office conversation isn't time-wasting - it's the grist that keeps the mill turning, so to speak. Enjoy each other's company, and be sure to celebrate company achievements and birthdays together as this can bond the team. Great innovations can come from sharing our experiences of work with each other, so share away.


Team outings are also a fantastic bonding experience. Find a common interest among the staff, such as a pub quiz or a bowling championship, and check if interest is there before booking the trip. If it's a popular event, workers will be chatting about it for weeks to come and this will bring them closer together, which in turn makes the office a more fun place to be from day to day.


To this end, why not 'think outside the desk'? Communal areas such as a meeting table and comfy chairs can encourage a more sociable team mentality, helping staff to get along with each other and collaborate more effectively.


A good workplace is also a supportive one; it's a good idea to recognise when a colleague is stressed or overworked, offering to help or even just providing a sympathetic ear can substantially ease a stressful work situation. The importance of good communication also extends to your roles - make sure everyone is 100% clear what they are doing, which goals are in sight and how the company intends to achieve those. All too often this understanding is assumed to be present, but the slightest misunderstanding can lead to a string of unfortunate errors and a lot of bad feeling, so stay connected to ensure you nip this in the bud.


These easy-to-follow tips will go a long way towards creating a great office culture in your workplace. You'll be amazed what a difference it makes to the staff's sense of wellbeing. And, in turn, they'll want to stick around, work harder and ensure that the company is successful. What could be better than that?



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