Farming is one of the oldest industries going, despite advances in globalisation, automation and outsourcing it's still an active part of the UK economy providing folks with materials and crops that are used by so many people. However, thanks to increasing pressures on farmers, money has never been tighter and to remain competitive in a global market, farmers need the best equipment. Agricultural equipment finance is a viable option for farmers who are trying to make every penny work for them. There is a lack of knowledge about what can be financed, the benefits or the types of perks that accompany leasing solutions.

What sort of agricultural equipment can I finance?

  • Solar PV
  • Forestry Equipment
  • Biomass Boilers
  • Milking and Dairy Equipment
  • Farm Vehicles
  • Combine Harvesters
  • Tractors

Why should I be interested in financing my agricultural equipment?

Financing your farming gear works for new companies and old, no matter what your financial situation is. Financing allows you to spread the payment of extortionate initial costs over a period of time that suits you. If you’re a startup then agricultural equipment finance can work for you by allowing you to keep money in the business as opposed to spending on expensive equipment outright. Conversely, if you’re an established firm then finance allows you to build on your success by letting you use money from other sources as opposed to the money in your bank.

Agricultural equipment finance is so much more than just loaning equipment… too many players in the agricultural game think that by opting for finance you’re able to benefit from maintenance, installation and the option to upgrade the equipment when a newer version of your tractor, combine harvester or biomass boiler appears on the market.

Why Should You Consider Love Finance?

At Love Finance, all our dealings are catered to suit agricultural equipment. We can cater to whatever farming tech you’re looking to install. As well as this our packages offer maintenance, training, installation and support packages so you’re never left out in the cold should a problem with your milking & dairy equipment, biomass boiler or forestry equipment, occur.

Give us a ring if you want to chat more about finance and its potential benefits for your farming business.



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