We at Love finance believe that farms and farmers deserve all the help they can get, we know that farming is a tough business for tough people, high levels of competition mean farmers must work harder and harder to retain their competitive edge. Love finance offers an array of Agricultural finance products that could help you and your farm kick on and achieve your goals, help you remain competitive in your marketplace and get ahead of the competition.

You can get an agricultural and farming finance package from Love Finance for your business whether you need equipment loans or are looking to lease out some heavy machinery on a short or long-term basis. If you need finance to acquire more land, to build additional buildings, if you are looking for increased capital to take on more staff or to try some new crops then an agricultural finance agreement from Love Finance could be just what you are looking for your farm or agricultural business.

When we say our Agricultural finance can be used for any business purpose we mean it, we can arrange long term or short term finance arrangement for you from our huge choice of lenders who offer a wide range of finance products allowing us to match your business with finance package that best suits your situation:-

  • If you need a cash injection for more livestock, feed, seeds or fertiliser but don’t have the working capital, then ask Love Finance how we can help!
  • You might need some agricultural asset finance for tractors and cultivators, ploughs and harrows, tillers and rollers or any other arable equipment you need on your farm to move your business forward, this is something we can help you with.
  • Are you casting an envious eye at the land for sale right next to your property that could allow you to expand and really kick your business on but don't have the capital? Get in touch with Love Finance and this land could soon be yours!
  • Are your farm buildings looking a bit old and tired? Would your land benefit from grain processing buildings, crop storage areas, poultry buildings, cattle or swine housing? What do you have to lose by contacting Love Finance to see if we could help?
  • Many landowners are looking into renewable energies an alternative income stream but realising such aspirations can be expensive, speak to Love Finance about a renewable energies loan and see if the project could be cost-effective for you after all.

Financing such large purchases instead of using capital could help you with cash flow, budgeting and help you get the equipment, livestock or building you need sooner.

Whatever you need agricultural and farming finance speaks to one of our business finance experts today by phone or by filling in one of our simple contacts forms.



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