There's no such thing as a stupid question, especially if you considering applying for brewery finance. Asking as many questions and getting as much info as possible before you start investing is vital and it's important not to be scared to ask the simplest of questions...

  • What was the original brewing capacity you had in barrels or gallons per batch?

  • How many batches of beer do you produce in a typical month or year?

  • Do you sell bottled beer? If so, how much does it cost to bottle, package and label it?

  • How much does the average brewing ingredient (hops, barley etc) cost?

  • What’s your average utility bill for a typical month?

  • As a percentage of as actual sales… how many kegs, bottles or cans do you sell?

  • What’s a typical price that you are able to sell the kegs and cans for?

  • How much are your overheads when it comes to paying brewers, bartenders, servers and other staff, on a monthly basis?

  • How much are your regular rent or mortgage repayments?

  • Per beer (that you sell) how much do you have to pay for taxes on each one that you sell?

  • Are there any other costs or expenses I should know about when financing my brewery?



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