With 2017 a recent memory, a lot of businesses will have been attempting to push through equipment finance deals in December, usually in order to take advantage of special incentives that are offered around the festive period. Whilst you should take full advantage of these sorts of deals don’t fall into the mindset that December/end of the year is the only good time to do equipment finance.

Many financial firms are now able to offer more specialised financial packages to businesses of all sizes with a variety of options. The secret isn't what time of year to do your finances, it's determining the type of finance to suit your needs.

Advantages… 24/7 365

A wee examination of some of the benefits of equipment finance will show you that waiting until the end of the year just isn't necessary anymore.

Finance Is More Flexible Nowadays

Most financial firms have gotten savvier to the idea that businesses’ wants and needs are varied and don't just occur during a specific time of year. They have to be ready to offer services any time of year. Equipment finance is a lot more flexible and can be tailored to specific accounts, cash flow needs or tax. Love Finance’s automated financial proposal system, Propp, is available day and night to help facilitate your financial needs.

Keep Your Cash In Your Pocket

New startups prefer financing as it can help tame certain insecurities surrounding expensive outlays of investment. As well as this, opting for finance also prevents you losing out on money if the specific asset you lease does not perform to the stand you thought.

Plan With Greater Ease 

Opting for equipment finance allows you to maintain a healthy cash flow which allows you to budget for longer periods with greater consistency, rather than shirking out massive capital outlays every few years.

Don’t Let The Business Cycle Ruin Your Plans

Scaffolding company struggling to make business during the depths of winter? Is your farm suffering from a lack of revenue because of persistent bad weather? With leasing, your revenue problems and seasonal fluctuations are not felt as strongly. Most equipment leases allow for common business fluctuations in particular when the business is yet to see a return on its asset.

Stay ahead of the curve

Affording the best equipment outright is an expensive business, most startups struggle to afford such assets, often opting for a cheaper, less effective alternative. Equipment finance allows you to have the most up-to-date tech working for you and making you money instantly.

Lease with experts

Getting your finance from a firm often means they are experts in your specific industry, knowledge that's worth its weight in gold. These experts have links with the best suppliers and manufacturers, Love Finance has several partners that are experts in many fields… from coffee machines to scaffolding.

Equipment Disposal, Taken Care Of

When it comes to dispose of the equipment, businesses struggle to afford the costs of removal. The financing company can handle it's disposale and resale and, if you decide to continue the lease, help you deliver the newer version of the asset to you, with Love Finance we’ll automatically replace the old asset once the lease period for it has expired.

Don’t Put Pressure On Yourself… Reduce The Risk With A Lease

Opting for equipment finance removes unnecessary risks that purchasing outright can cause. Most lease agreements, including Love Finance’s, cover you if the asset thats leased breaks down, needs replacing or additional maintenance and installation.

2018 is in front of you and so is a million different possibilities for equipment finance. Whatever type of business you are, there is a finance package out there for you… maybe it's with Love Finance, why not give us a call and let us see if we can help you out.




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