Love Finance are experts in lease financing, we dedicate ourselves to helping companies both new and established to achieve their goals by helping them acquire the right equipment they need.

Businesses need equipment to move forward and grow, to attract new customers and to properly compete in their chosen marketplace but buying and maintaining such equipment can be very expensive and your business doesn’t have the financial clout as of yet to buy the needed equipment outright.

You may have a short-term contract where new equipment is needed to fulfil the order but you don’t want to buy outright, you may want to take on some equipment on a temporary basis in order to test the feasibility of your business model but don’t want to make a huge, expensive commitment.

If this sounds like your business then equipment leasing might be a great idea for your company, leasing equipment allows your business to gain access to expensive machinery, tools and other equipment that it needs to move forward without buying outright.

Equipment lease financing is basically a way or renting the asset for an agreed amount of time until you no longer need it or are able to purchase the equipment yourself or indeed until the need of your business change, this has many potential benefits to a company whether you are a startup or an established company looking to move to the next level.

There are many Benefits of Equipment Leasing to your company:

Get your equipment in place now – The advantage of not having to wait until your business has the ready finance allows you to have your equipment on site within days of ordering.

No need to compromise on quality – Leasing the equipment you need allows you to go for the higher standard or the option with more functionality as you don’t need the money in the bank to buy.

Easier Budgeting – Fixed monthly payments mean you know exactly what the equipment is going to cost you every month for a fixed period.

Many business owners are surprised at the scope of equipment financing options available to them when we say you can lease almost anything we mean it! From ovens to full catering setups, laser printers to full manufacture setups, Office desks to full office setups, coffee machines to coffee shops, commercial vehicles, gaming machines, gardening equipment, Mining equipment, Scaffolding and construction equipment, cherry pickers and lifting equipment,  All of these and more are available on lease financing agreements from Love Finance.

If you need it for your business then Love Finance can organise a lease for you, if you are unsure or wanted to discuss your needs please get in touch today. Just fill in one of our simple contact forms or pick up the phone and give us a call and see how we can help!



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