Whilst agriculture may be one of the oldest industries going it's not immune to the advances of technology. New farming technology is now seeping its way into the industry and with prices becoming more and more affordable and farmers, who may have jumped at the price for new technology, are now considering integrating such things into their daily routines and practices.

If you’re reading this and are in the farming industry but aren’t sure what new farming technology is out there and if it's right for you then don't worry… we’ve got you covered.

4 new technologies that are not just futuristic but are actually implementable for the average farmer.

It's pointless telling you about flying cars if you still get the bus to work, amirite?!


The first piece of tech that’s chipping away at traditional agricultural methods is something that's pretty commercial and very popular. Drones, when you think about it, seem like a perfect fit for improving usually laborious and long-winded jobs as well as helping you lower costs and increase potential crop yields.

Get it right and drones can do pretty much run your crop fields. Crop spraying, crop monitoring (monitoring the health of your crops and detecting infections, growths or fungal issues that could hinder the development of your crops (and cost you money)) and vital soil analysis are just three of the key features drones can be adapted for. That’s also one of the great things about drones is their incredible versatility and ability to do a million and one tasks and all you need to do is tweak them for each job.

Irrigation is another interesting task drones are able to take on with ease. Assessing the needs of several crop fields can take days to figure out, new farming technology and drone software are able to do this sort of task in less than half the time it would take a guy or gal.


For a more persistent and constant analysis of your crops and fields, you might want to consider smart sensors. Install once and wait for the data to come rolling in, wherever you are in the world you’ll have your fields vitals in the palm of your hand. Like drones, sensors are able to detect the needs of your plants… i.e whether it needs water or not.

A great feature of sensors is their ability to cut out waste, sensors are able to detect the specific amount of water and nutrients that certain plants need at a specific time - meaning your plants and fields are getting exactly what they need at the right time. It takes your plant care to the next level.

Agricultural robots

Automation is a global opportunity/threat (depending on how you see things) that is transforming virtually every industry going. Whether you agree with it or not it's coming and the world of agriculture is no expectation. The increase in automation has the potential to transform the way agriculture is done - the implementation of robots to, process, plant and reap grains would take efficiency and productivity into the stratosphere, in addition agricultural robots are easier to perform to scale if your farm starts to grow because they are not affected by fatigue, work rate or other human factors

Advanced Mathematics

Farming is due an influx of advanced mathematics, the power of it is helping to boost the productivity of farming thanks to the high processing capabilities of modern computing, hardware and software. Historical data, simulation models and archived figures can be used by farmers to know when exactly to sow and plant their crops - informed, calculated decisions, not just guesswork.

Farmers can also use maths to identify crops that have desirable traits such as higher yields and focus their efforts on further boosting those traits. Maths can also help with the organisation and timings of farm life, by using data to schedule everything from loading trucks, sowing seeds to harvesting crops. In short advanced maths will bring scheduling, planning and productivity into the 21st century.

It certainly seems like an exciting time for agriculture, an era in which productivity, yield and efficiency are set to be changed irrevocably. If you’re in agriculture and you want to implement these exciting new farming technology trends but don't have the financial clout to make it a reality then give us a ring and let's talk about how we can help get this technology into your business, working for you.



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