Technology is a big word and sometimes, a very daunting one. For businesses new to the world of tech it can be hard to answer a lot of basic questions, that can seem very tricky to navigate. What tech should I have? What’s worth buying? What are the most up-to-date products?

It feels like, every day, there is a new ‘revolutionary’ product out there, the new must have. Which can leave some sitting there, thinking, ‘I thought I’d just bought the new must have kit?’

Looking at the big picture it’s important to note that all technology has a cycle of around 2/3 years though increasingly things are changing as quick as 18 months to 2 years.

The bottom line is, your introduction to technology should be through the HaaS model (Hardware as a Service).


Well, let me ask you this, if you were offered this year's most up-to-date laptops for your sales team at X amount a month and then, in two years time, you'll receive a brand new batch of laptops that cost you nothing more than what you were currently paying. What would you do? You’d go for it, of course.

The alternative is you pay a whopping great initial fee for a batch of computers that are great at the point of purchase but, in technological terms, will become archaic in two years time. Disposing of this technology and having to buy outright again in a few years seems both illogical and expensive.

As we mentioned the cycle of technology is short, the great thing about HaaS is that arrangements match the lifecycle of hardware and software meaning you’re constantly at the cutting edge of things. If your company is fuelled by technology, having the newest models in your workspace is vital - it’s imperative.

HaaS can also offer you peace of mind financially, gone are the spikes in cash flow, replaced with a steady, small outgoing fee once a month that takes care of itself leaving you to focus on other parts of the business using the equipment that’s cost you very little. For SME’s especially this is an advantage that shouldn’t be sniffed at.

What we have learnt at Love Finance is that if you have never explored HaaS before, you should be prepared for a wholesale rollover, drip feeding HaaS into your company creates confusion as technology refreshes at different times. It is best to get everything on the same timeline.

One of the new innovations that have developed in the past few years is the idea of proactive service management, which is intrinsically linked to HaaS. The idea of this is pretty much self-explanatory, through good training and maintenance you prevent problems before they’ve even begun.

An ounce of prevention is worth a tonne of cure.

HaaS offers so many benefits both material and immaterial - think of it as a package, you receive a bunch of products for a fixed monthly fee along with a load of useful benefits. I mean the clue is in the name, really, hardware, as a service, not just a one time deal but a consistent, useful and cost effective relationship for your business. Is your printer not performing to its usual standard? HaaS can ensure a technician is there to sort a small problem before it manifests into something major.

If you’re an SME business that’s thinking ‘what if our business outgrows the HaaS package we have?’ The simple answer to this is that HaaS is characterised by scalability. You can add extras to a HaaS package that suit your needs, as many or as little, depending on the type of growth you’re experiencing as a business.

With the arrival and, to be frank, the dominance of cloud-based computing the desire for the best security is desired more than ever and rightly so, your information is the most important thing in your world and it should be treated as such. As a general rule, the newer the security systems, the better, it’s rare you find new security software that keeps you less safe than its predecessor. Having HaaS as a part of your business all but guarantees you’re getting the latest security software into your business.

At Love Finance, our docs are catered to suit HaaS. Our agreements can include all aspects of technology. Not just the hardware and software but also maintenance, training, installation and support packages.

This isn't financing in a traditional sense. This is the modern way of acquiring the most up-to-date technology for your business, to push it forward, to expand it, to change it, to transform it. It’s a package, a 360 degree, holistic approach to making sure your ideas and goals are achieved through the right hardware.




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