Industries are always looking for advances to improve efficiency and productivity, from ancient times when everything was made by hand through the industrial revolution (17th Century) which saw the creation of large factories and the use of vast machines that could create big increases in productivity with a reduced labour force.

At the beginning of the 20th century, we saw the creation of the assembly line, originally by the Ford motor company in 1913, it was these advances in automation and the assembly line that would be of such a big benefit to the Allies in the Second World War. The efficiencies of the American assembly line would allow the USA to create huge quantities of 88,000 tanks, nearly 300,000 planes as well as a large number of other types of weaponry.

Modern industry has seen even more advances in automation with hi-tech solutions that include conveyor systems, sorters and robot assembly allowing some factories producing their goods with very small workforces.

Modern production machinery has also seen a reduction in size, from the 17th-century huge machines used during the industrial revolution, modern machines are much more compact, advance such as 3d printing have seen small businesses able to harness the advantages of automation.

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Advantages of Automation

Automated the manufacturing process has numerous benefits, a business that has embraced automation should see an increase in productivity, standardisation and quality of manufacturing. With all these benefits a business will also see a reduction in costs and a reduction in the amount of labour needed.  Industry automation can also offer increased safety standards as more dangerous parts of the manufacturing process.




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