As assets, printers aren't great they're susceptible to faults (as I'm sure we've all suffered through), the ink costs border on extortionate and they only last for a couple of years before a better printer comes along and replaces it. Why then, do so many businesses buy their printer instead of opting to lease a printer?

If you need persuading, allow us to explain why you should lease a printer and why you should with Love Finance.

How A Printer Lease Can Benefit You:

- Ensure Your Printers Up-To-Date

Like we said earlier, the life cycle of a printer isn't very long - about two years roughly. If you decide to lease a printer you can decide, at the end of the agreement, choose to upgrade your printer to the newer model. Similar to a phone contract, this option guarantees you're getting the latest, and best, printers on the market.

- Keep Cash In Your Business

With our bespoke printer finance packages, you can avoid initial outlays that can cripple cash flows and drain a business of its funds, instead, you simply start paying a fixed monthly cost that suits you over a 2, 3 or 4 year period.

Keeping that cash, that would have been spent on buying the printer in your business allows you to spend it on something else that would benefit your company.

- Fixed Costs

Ditch the need for boring depreciation schedules, lease a printer and create a fixed tax-deductible cost. Love Finance printer leases become a regular part of your bottom line, in a manageable, affordable way.

We offer you the chance, at the end of your lease, to purchase the printer you've been using at a reduced cost or, as mentioned, upgrade to a newer model.

- Bundle All Your Printer Needs Into One Payment

Printers come with all sorts of extras and accessories needed for them to work in the way you want them to.

However, these extras cost a lot of money. When you lease a printer with Love Finance we can bundle everything you'll ever need to install, maintain and repair your printer. It just gets added on to your monthly fee at a price you'll barely even notice, we like to think of it as an As-A-Service model where the one fee pays for the equipment and all the secondary things associated with the equipment.

We can also look at potential printouts per month and create a fixed cost for toner, ink etc based on that. Doing this will make you much more prepared for when you run out of ink or your printer needs maintenance.

lease a printer

Things To Keep In Mind Before You Lease A Printer:

- Give Your New Printer A Spin

Whether you're using a supplier associated with Love Finance or have another one in mind, make sure you get your hands on it, try it and see it in action. Ask to see a print out to see if the quality is up to your standards and whether the printer can keep up with the demands of your business

- Make Sure It Has The Functions You Want

Don't just go ahead and lease the first printer you see. Look at the kind of functions the printer has. Does it have a copier? Can it fax? Does it print wirelessly? Amek sure your new printer matches your requirements.

- Paper Handling

Each business has different paper needs, they may print mostly on A4 or print on larger pieces of paper, A2 and the like. Don't forget about the sizes of paper you want, it sounds stupid but a lot of people go through the rigmarole of buying a printer without realising the type of paper it can (or cannot support) support.


Interested? Let's Talk

We're specialists when it comes to printer leasing so if you're looking for the right package to lease a printer then we may have it for you, just give us a ring and let us give you a free quote on your next set of printers, or click below!



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