The traditional norm is that you buy a commercial vehicle outright. However, here at Love Finance, we’re not down with traditional norms, we think it makes a heck of a lot more sense to lease your armada of commercial vehicles.

With a lease, you get all the benefits of having the best, most affordable vehicles as well as not having to worry about the time-consuming issues of maintenance and services - all of this is outsourced.

Buying a fleet means all your valuable capital is tied up in an asset that depreciates more than literally anything else - vehicles. One of the great benefits of commercial vehicle leasing is that it allows you to pay VAT on the amount that you rent for rather than the amount you pay for the vehicle as a whole. If you go out and buy half a dozen vans for £30,000, for example, you’re going to pay 20% of that extra as VAT, by leasing these half a dozen vans you pay the VAT as you rent the vehicle which drastically improves your business’ cash flow.

Better yet, when your commercial vehicle fleet is on it's way out, the usual expenses associated with disposal are passed onto the lease company. With Love Finance there is no limit to how many vehicles you can lease or what make, model or year that van/vans (or any other commercial vehicles for that matter) happen to be. Our commercial vehicle experts will tailor a bespoke package for you which constantly works for you. At the end of the agreed lease, there are a number of options for you to expand your fleet or upgrade to newer vehicles - whatever suits you.

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