The manufacturing sector of the UK is a hugely important part of the economy bringing billions of pounds into the country. The different manufacturing sectors  can be split into different manufacturing types these include:

  • Food and Drink
  • Textiles and Clothing
  • Paper and Printing
  • Furniture and Home Accessories
  • Automotive
  • Computers and Technology

Since the industrial revolution the UK have embraced technology advances and made the investments in the latest manufacturing equipment to improve productivity and increase profits. Here at Love Finance we work with the many different types of manufacturing industries, helping them arrange the finance that is needed to help buy the modern machinery to increase your manufacturing outgoings.

Food and Drink

The UK has a large agricultural sector that complements the food processing sector based in the UK, as well as the large food processing plants of the well known big brands that we see in the supermarkets, there is also a large growth area of smaller food brands. Some examples of this include dairy farms who have invested in ice cream making machinery to produce tasty ice cream for the local market, another example are smaller breweries that have been created to create different flavour and tasting alcoholic beverages.

Textiles & Clothing

Over recent years the British clothing manufacturing industry has struggled to compete on price when competing with foreign nations such as China and India who are using cheaper labour to reduce the price of production. British clothing manufacturing is competing with these nations by embracing technical advances, increasing productivity. Another advancement in technology allows British clothing business to offer more bespoke clothing, doing smaller production runs sometimes creating totally unique garments, custom designed by the customer.

Paper and Printing

As with other industries printing has embraced the digital generation, the latest generation of digital printing has revolutionised the print industry. Previously setting a print job up took time and money to set up, this resulting in companies having to pay large set up costs making printing cost prohibitive for smaller companies and smaller print runs. The use of digital printer has greatly reduced the set up time needed by the printer, allowing them to simply take a computer file to print. This has greatly increased the amount of small print jobs carried out, and reduced costs greatly to the end user.

Furniture and Home Accessories

Furniture manufacturer is another market that has been under increased pressure from low cost foreign imports. But quality British made furniture is still in high demand, again innovations in  technology can help increase production and help make you competitive with some of the imported furniture that comes in to the UK.


The automotive industry has a long history in the UK, with big automotive brands created in Great Britain such as Rolls Royce, Jaguar, Rover and Aston Martin; although many of these big British car brands are now foreign owned the British car manufacturing is still strong with 1.6 million cars being made in the UK. As well as the big car brands, we also see a big automotive sector with custom conversions and refurbishments.

Computers and Technology 

The British economy has a strong tech sector worth billions of pounds each year, this includes software development, hardware implantation and telecoms. Again we do see lots of the computer components coming into the UK are made in ASIA, but Britain companies do regularly develop lots of technological advancements that can be manufactured in the UK.

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Whatever your industry Love finance is here to help you make that next step and help you find the investment that you need to improve your businesses productivity and compete on the world stage. With a wide range of finance and lease options available, we listen to your specific needs and requirements to help you arrange the funding solution that suits your companies circumstances and goal.



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