Optical equipment is extremely expensive, the average Silt Lamp comes in at a cool £5,000, for example, which means it can be hard for optical equipment suppliers to convince opticians to spend tens of thousands outright on equipment.

But what if you could offer your customers a new way to buy their equipment from you? In a way that saves them money and means, you get paid on time and in full for the optical equipment you're supplying.

How Offering Finance Can Benefit Optical Equipment Suppliers

Offering a finance option to your customers gives them a greater range of purchase options which will, long-term, help drive sales. Why? Because as awareness grows of your flexible new finance option more opticians will opt to do business with you.

A finance solution allows you to offer the benefits of a leasing or similar payment option to your customers. We'll outline the benefits of leasing so you can tell potential customers how they can save money.

  • Upgrade your equipment after your lease runs out - when your customer's lease expires there is the option for them to upgrade their existing kit for the newer model... with only a marginal increase on their monthly payment. As optical equipment suppliers, you'll be able to guarantee that your customers (the opticians) are always going to have the best equipment - a very enticing offer when you think about it.
  • Let them keep the money in the business - one of the perks of a finance agreement is that the customer (the optician) pays you back in monthly instalments, rather than a big lump sum
  • Offering finance allows you to approach more opticians - financing is an attractive option for startups, especially when cash is tight and they're not able to fork out on big initial costs. A well-planned finance option allows you, the optical equipment supplier, to widen the net with regards the number of stores you can target.

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Won't I Lose Money If I Offer Finance?

No! That's one of the amazing perks of choosing to offer finance, you don't have to fear a drop in profits. The reason? Because the optician doesn't pay you back, they pay the finance firm back, through you. Once the deal is agreed upon, you, the optical equipment supplier, get paid for the price of the equipment by us, in full.


Why Choose Love Finance?

  • Access to our unique Portal
  • E-Sign Documents
  • Instant credit decisions for your clients, so they are not left in the dark
  • Lease management systems, keep track of upgrades
  • Low rates - our automated technology means we keep overhead costs low and pass those savings onto you
  • Interested? Give Us A Call!

Give Jack, Alex or Andy a ring and we'll be happy to arrange an appointment to discuss your optical equipment supplier becoming a leasing partner, in the meantime check out some of our other blogs...



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