Love Finance is a specialist in helping provide scaffolding finance as well as funding for other equipment needed for tradesmen and construction companies. Buying your scaffolding on finance has a number of advantages over hiring the scaffolding you need from job to job, buying scaffolding you need via lease purchase or a loan will mean at the end of the finance term the scaffolding will be yours to own giving you an additional asset for your company.

Having your scaffolding on finance will allow you to spread the cost of the purchase enabling you to calculate your monthly outgoings and help improve your company’s cash flow. Love finance can help you finance the purchase of any type of scaffolding equipment, including portable scaffolding, scaffolding ladders and scaffolding poles. The money arranged by Love Finance does not only have to be used for new scaffolding but could also enable you to have the cash to buy some second hand scaffolding at a competitive price.

Why use Love Finance

Many lenders do not offer loans for scaffolding, here at Love Finance we can help you fund all types of equipment purchases including scaffolding. Love Finance is a company dedicated in helping you get the finance you need to help your company grow, we will work with you to arrange an affordable package that will not stretch your monthly budget, all loan quotes are free and you will be under no obligation to proceed with any offer of finance you may receive. Our website uses the latest technology and can quickly give you a quick response to any loan application with no fuss, simply complete our short online enquiry form to begin the process of getting the funding for your scaffolding and helping your business to grow.

Advantages of Buying Scaffolding on Finance

Hiring scaffolding can be costly with risk of additional charges, if a job over runs you may have extra costs or late fee`s, you may also be subject to big penalty costs for lost components or damages that may occur when carrying out a job, owning your own scaffolding can help you keep these costs to a minimum and will reduce the amount of variable costs on any job allowing you to have a greater insight on your final earnings. Another advantage is owning your own scaffolding actually allows you to offer additional services including scaffolding hire yourself.

Do you sell Scaffolding?

If you are a supplier of scaffolding looking to boost sales, why not partner with us at Love Finance and offer a range of finance options to your customers? We offer a high level of service and have extensive experience in business finance, helping companies large and small. For more information give us a call on 0800 0869404 and we will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements. We work with many suppliers in numerous business sectors helping satisfy there customers needs for finance.

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